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What's next ?

To be efficient with @lirx/core (and Reactive Programming in general), you will have to take a look at many functions. If you skip this part, you'll definitively struggle with RP.

This may feel like a pain, but it's like any other framework: you'll be more productive if you take an hour (or a few) reading the documentation or some tutorials.

@lirx/core provides many functions to help you to build and pipe some Observables. Everytime you face a problem with Observables, there is probably an existing function to fix it. I recommend you to consult the decision tree page in this case. Usually, it will appear for Observables and cases you haven't encountered yet. Moreover, you can find the list of all functions and types on the reference page.

Now, you can start to experiment by yourself, and build amazing applications around Observables. The only limit is your creativity.

I hope, you've enjoyed the beauty of Reactive Programming, and I've been able to convert you to this incredible world. It's not an easy road, but once mastered, it's pure pleasure.