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npm install @lirx/core --save

Then you can import and use it:

import { of, pipe$$, map$$$ } from '@lirx/core';

const subscribe = pipe$$(of(1, 2, 3), [
map$$$(value => `-> ${value}`),

This library supports:

  • common-js (require): transpiled as es5, with .cjs extension, useful for old nodejs versions
  • module (esm import): transpiled as esnext, with .mjs extension (requires node resolution for external packages)

The library is ready to go and does not require transpiling nor bundling. However it has been optimized for three-shacking, so you should use a bundler like rollup or webpack.

For rapid testing, you can immediately play with @lirx/core on stackblitz.

If you prefer to use a CDN, you can use for example