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1.2.0 (2023-26-01)

What's new ?

Add documentation for the RxJS's bridge

Add a bridge between @lirx/core and RxJS to migrate step by step your existing projects.

Add the functions fromRxJS and toRxJS to convert from an rxjs's Observable to a @lirx/core's one and vise-versa.

Add documentation for fromFetch shortcuts

Add notificationsToValuesObservablePipe and notificationsToLastValueObservablePipe

These functions convert an Observable of Notifications into an Observable.

Add IObservableLike and toObservable

Add the function toObservable.

It allows to convert an Observable or a value to an Observable.

Add toString$$$, toNumber$$$ and toBoolean$$$

Add some shortcuts functions for the function mapObservablePipe: toString$$$, toNumber$$$ and toBoolean$$$.

These functions cast incoming values to string, number, and boolean, respectively.

Breaking changes

Move many utils functions to @lirx/utils and @lirx/promise

Many utils functions, not directly related to Observable and Reactive Programming, were present in the @lirx/core library. Such functions, should not be part of this lib, but exist in others repositories instead. So, we're currently extracting these functions, and we put them in different packages called @lirx/utils and @lirx/promise. This effort, will probably take a few releases in order to properly select the right functions and limit the changes.

This is a breaking change only if you were using such functions. In this case, you may import them from the packages @lirx/utils or @lirx/promise instead.


Deprecate reactiveString

reactiveString was an experimental feature to create reactive strings from a specific string pattern, and some Observables provided as Record<string, IObservable<string>>. However, such a feature is not generic enough, and, if required, should exist as an independent library.

This function will be removed in a future release.


Add experimental function autoUnsubscribeObservableWithNotifications

Add experimental function cacheObservableWithNotifications

Rework IOStream and WebSocketStream


Creates many stackblitz projects to provide live demos of @lirx/core and illustrate many examples with live code directly from the browser.