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1.3.0 (2023-04-23)

What's new ?

Add mapDistinctObservablePipe

Add the function mapDistinctObservablePipe.

This is a mix of map$$$ and distinct$$$:


Add mergeWithNotifications

Add the function mergeWithNotifications.

This is the equivalent of the merge function but works with Notifications instead.

Add toReadableStream

Add the function toReadableStream.

Converts an Observable to a ReadableStream.

Add createDraggableObservable

Add the function createDraggableObservable.

This is allows the developers to "drag" elements using "drag" events.

Remove @lirx/promise dependency

Remove @lirx/promise: this library was experimental and had a very limited use.

Breaking changes

Move many utils functions to @lirx/utils

  • unsubscribeOnce
  • mergeUnsubscribeFunctions
  • futureUnsubscribe
  • IUnsubscribe

remove experimental string functions

remove experimental IO stream

remove experimental ObservableView


Expose functional piping

  • pipe and pipeNow