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Alternative: finally$$$

Inlined: finallyObservable, finally$$


function finallyObservablePipe<GInNextValue>(
onFinally: IFinallyObservableCallback<GInNextValue>,
): IObservablePipe<IThenObservableInNotifications<GInNextValue>, IFinallyObservableOutNotifications<GInNextValue>>


This function is similar to the method .finally of a Promise:

When a complete or error Notification is received, onFinally is called with the resolved state.

Then, we await on a complete Notification from the returned Observable and re-emit the notifications received from the original Observable, except if the returned Observable sent an error Notification (in this case it emits this error).


When an HTTP request complete, delay the result with 2s

const subscribe = pipe$$(request$, [
finally$$$((): IObservable<IEmptyObservableNotifications> => {
return mergeMapS$$(timeout(2000), () => emptyWithNotifications());

subscribe((notification) => {
console.log(, notification.value);


// request
// 2000ms
'next', Response
'complete', undefined