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function fromPromiseFactory<GValue>(
createPromise: IFromPromiseFactoryCreatePromiseFunction<GValue>,
options?: IFromPromiseFactoryObservableOptions,
): IObservable<IFromPromiseFactoryObservableNotifications<GValue>>
interface IFromPromiseFactoryObservableOptions {
signal?: AbortSignal | null;

interface IFromPromiseFactoryCreatePromiseFunction<GValue> {
(signal: AbortSignal): Promise<GValue>;


Creates an Observable from a Promise factory.

The promise factory is a function which receives an AbortSignal and returns a Promise.

The AbortSignal is aborted when the subscription is unsubscribed (only before the Promise is fulfilled or rejected). This signal should be used to cancel any pending work (ex: fetch, or any pending async task).

The Observable emits values in the form of Notifications:

  • next: the returned value of the promise
  • complete: when the promise is fulfilled
  • error: when the promise is rejected

You may provide a IObservableFromPromiseFactoryOptions, which may be used to force an abort from an external AbortSignal.



Simple http request

const subscribe = fromPromiseFactory((signal: AbortSignal): Promise<Response> => {
return fetch('', { signal });

subscribe((notification) => {
console.log(, ':', notification.value);


if fulfilled

next: Response

if rejected

error: Error